We’ve been brewing our blend of Americana, Rock, Blues and Downeast Reggae for nearly a quarter century now. Sometimes acoustic, mostly electric, Reach songs are marked by the rugged Maine environment in which they were born - gritty, hard-working compositions that dissolve into moments of delicate beauty and rhythmic joy. Inspired by disparate 20th century masters - Al Greene, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, David Byrne - we try to bring a modern voice to the timeless classics in our ever-changing setlists. Original songs - more than 60 so far - fold seamlessly into reverent covers, bending genres and expectations whenever we can.

We’ve played more than 300 hundred concerts along the way, some in dark pub corners, others in the bright lights of a big stage, each a treasured memory for us. We’ve shared the bill with some truly amazing musicians — Max Creek, Gordon Stone, The Beatroots, Blue Oyster Cult, John Mayall, Jefferson Starship and Parliament to name just a few — and met thousands of music fans all around New England and made some lifelong friends.

Thanks for visiting and for supporting live, local music. We hope to see you at the next show! In the meantime, be sure to check out a few tunes here, and like us on Facebook for gig dates, exclusive audio, giveaways, news and more.


Guitar, Vocals / Geoff Neal

Drums, Vocals / Ted Yoder

Vocals / Leca Smith

Guitar, Vocals / Channing "Schooner" Washburn

Bass, Nope / Isaac Robbins

& sometimes

Harmonica, Vocals / Jim Gray

Piano, Organ / Ben Walker





A smattering of tracks from our first two albums - Ablum and Bubble. Stay tuned for a new batch as we head back into the studio in Fall 2016.